We use Act370.com to take care of PODnet’s membership managment for teaching and community building around PyraPOD and other larger POD structures. All live events take place on 2.pyrapod.net and we have free-access chat rooms for community sharing and private rooms for teaching and learning.

Once you have registered as a POD member, all chat rooms are open to you, including private teaching sessions. Many other benefits will be added as we build this website. So here is a short list of benefits we have and have planned for:

  • Access to private video chat rooms
  • ebook and DIY plans
  • Videos that are not for the general public
  • Local registered suppliers and manufacturers
  • Listing of your business or communities
  • Listing of your DIY pods
  • and many others – please let us know what else

We make the membership access fee very affordable so that everyone can come. Once you come in, you will see a new way how Richard teach and how Aubrey as student learn things from him. It will be fun teaching and learning this way.

We trust that this 2-Man Show teaching/learning will be the Truman Show for the whole world to learn how to build a PyraPOD or any of the other POD buildings.

  • 读者会员可阅读本网向会员公开的所有文章,包括在期限内一直上贴持续增加的新文章。
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2019 New Book:
""Deciphering Chinese Characters 1"
and "Case Checked"
Click on the image below to check the Chinese version: